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Heavy Equipment

On-site job cleaning and project delivery is a must for construction companies and individual contractors.

Residential Exterior Cleaning

House pressure washing is essential in the upkeep of any home, our services are one of the most affordable ways to increase your home’s value.

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Thousands of people see your trucks on the road every day. We understand how important your image is to you . . . and to your CUSTOMERS!

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Deck Services

Deck Power Washing and Restoration Services.  Staining, Sealing, Sanding, Refinishing, Repair and Trex Composite Decking

Fleet Services

Do you have a fleet of company vehicles that need to be cleaned on a regular basis? Then you need to take advantage of our company fleet washing service.

Residential Services

Cleaning your property with a power washer and the right cleaners not only improves the looks, it increases its value and maintains the appearance.

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Deck Restoration


Deck Power Washing, Staining, Sealing and Sanding

Pinnacle Power Washing, a division of Pinnacle Property Preservation, serving Colorado’s Front Range is prepared to handle any deck restoration job from deck repair to pressure washing and deck cleaning services. We’re your deck refinishing choice along Colorado’s Front Range.

Cleaning Your Deck or Fence – Pressure or Power Washing

One of the best ways to clean the surface of a dirty, weathered redwood deck or fence is to power wash it with a high pressure water sprayer or pressure washer. While the process of pressure washing is pretty simple, those that are inexperienced in working with wood can seriously damage the surface of a deck which then can add much more work and expense in repairing the damage left from a poor cleaning process. We are experienced in giving the best results you can expect from a superior job well done.

Deck Sanding and Refinishing

When the surface of a deck is severely weathered, dirty, scratched, or sun-damaged, it’s often recommended that the top layer of old and damaged wood fibers be removed by thorough sanding of the entire deck. The sanding process helps the wood hold a lasting finish and shows after we do our work to present a “like-new” wood deck surface. For the greatest finish you can get, contact Pinnacle Power Washing, a division of Pinnacle Property Preservation, about sanding your deck before applying a sealer or stain for the ultimate finish.

Deck Sealing and Staining

After your deck is power washed or sanded to showcase a fresh finish, Pinnacle Power Washing completes the job with the application of a high-quality sealant in your choice of clear, opaque, colored stain. This final important step protects your wood deck or fence from water, sun damage, dirt and foot traffic for up to five years.

How much sealer do you apply to a deck?

Many owners who “do it themselves” very often make mistakes in this crucial step: applying too much or too little of a low-quality deck sealer. This causes a sticky, gooey finish. Other mistakes lead to messy overspray on siding, furniture, plants, grass by using traditional paints instead of a high-quality deck stain. This can result in an unattractive finish, premature weather damage, peeling paint . . . and having to start all over again.

Wood Fence Refinishing – Cleaning and Sealing

Wooden fencing makes for beautiful, classic looking and private property barrier. Just like decking, wooden fences can become dirty, weathered and sun- damaged. Pinnacle Power Washing will make old wooden fencing look like new with the same methods used to achieve our gorgeous deck restorations.

Wood Deck Repair, Building and Rebuilding

Pinnacle Power Washing focuses on keeping quality decks in great shape for years to come. Many times this requires the processes outlined above but, unfortunately, sometimes water damage, termite damage, or rot due to inadequate care can lead to boards that cannot be repaired through traditional deck refinishing efforts alone. When this is the case, we feel the best option is often to remove damaged wood sections and refinish the deck once rotted wood has been replaced. We can repair and build on to any decks so that you will spend may hours enjoying what looks like brand-new decking. We will repair a deck in any condition and can usually repair damaged sections easily if the top boards of your wood deck or even just the handrails need replacing. We will quickly replace bad boards and restore the existing, undamaged wood to a beautiful finish. This process can save a lot of time and can save on the expense of rebuilding your deck.

Pinnacle Power Washing, a division of Pinnacle Property Preservation, builds custom decks! We are happy to discuss building a deck from scratch in any design you are interested in.

Trex Composite Decking – ‘Maintenance Free Decking’

Pinnacle Power Washing is happy to help you discuss building you a deck with composite Trex options and can provide you with a free and accurate estimate. Trex composite decking can be used for those who prefer a deck that looks great without the maintenance of traditional redwood or cedar decking. Trex composite material is weather-resistant and is offered in fire resistant versions as well. All composite decking materials are softer to the touch and won’t splinter or rot. Trex offers a low-maintenance and comfortable decking surface that lasts for years. Pinnacle Power Washing, a division of Pinnacle Property Preservation, has completed many fence and deck refinishing projects across Colorado’s Front Range over the years, and we’re always happy to quote a fence cleaning and sealing job for you. Call or email Pinnacle Power Washing, a division of Pinnacle Property Preservation, today for a free estimate and enjoy a fantastic fence tomorrow.

Our Deck Restoration Services:

Deck Restoration
Deck Repair
Power Washing
Deck Staining and Sealing
Paint Preparation
Fence Repair
Fence Staining and Sealing
Deck Design and Building
Trex Composite Deck Building

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