Makeup And Contact Lenses – How To Find A Healthy Mix

For many colored contact lens wearers, the combination of stunning makeup with your contacts is a look you just have to create every single day. For a lot of us, it becomes our identity and makes us feel amazing because we know that we look amazing! However, as gorgeous as lenses from SoloticaAnesthesiaand more can be, we have to remember they are also medical devices.

Rather than being too scared to ever wear eyeliner again, we thought we’d touch on a few important tips when it comes to combining makeup and colored contact lenses. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and once you’re informed about proper makeup habits, you can keep on rocking your stunning look!

Makeup Plus Clear or Colored Contacts – How To Find A Healthy Mix

Which Comes First?

New contact lens wearers always wonder about the proper way they’re supposed to get ready in the morning, as the question of makeup or contacts first always comes into play. What do experts recommend? Put your contacts on before you apply any makeup. If that sounds counterintuitive, here are a few good reasons why:

  • If you wear non-prescription colored contacts it may not matter so much, but for those who need vision correction, inserting your lenses first will allow you to clearly see if your cat eye is on point or not.
  • Even if you are the most careful lens wearer on the planet, there’s still a chance that as you insert your colored contacts, you brush them up against your face or eyelashes. Any makeup there will automatically transfer to your lenses and thus ends up in your eyes.
  • It may be a change to your normal routine to put your contacts in first, but we urge you to do so for the health of your eyes!

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    What Not To Do

    Other than waiting until you’re ready to go before putting in your lenses, what other things should you avoid when it comes to combining makeup and contacts? A popular look is to put eyeliner on your waterline, the rim where your eye and eyelid meet each other. While this does help to make your eyes look bigger and more bold, it can actually lead to eye infections quite easily. Whether you wear contact lenses or not, it’s best to avoid putting any makeup in places that come into contact with your eyes.

    We all want amazing lashes, and thankfully the beauty industry makes a variety of mascara that helps to add volume and length. However, these products often contain microscopic fibers in order to achieve their promised looks, and these small particles can actually flake off into your eyes. Getting mascara underneath your contact lens is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to an infection, so it’s best to skip these brands.

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