Makeup And Contact Lenses – How To Find A Healthy Mix

For many colored contact lens wearers, the combination of stunning makeup with your contacts is a look you just have to create every single day. For a lot of us, it becomes our identity and makes us feel amazing because we know that we look amazing! However, as gorgeous as lenses from Solotica, Anesthesia, and more can be, we […]

This $10 Rose Gold Eye Shadow Palette Is Finally Available in the U.S.

Let’s Just Get to the Point:If you’re in the market for a quality eye shadow palette with every on-trend hue you’d need to master all of the looks your Instagram feed is telling us we need—so, all of the rose golds and nudes—look no further than Maybelline’s long-awaited Burgundy Bar ($12), which after receiving thousands of requests, […]