Makeup And Contact Lenses – How To Find A Healthy Mix

For many colored contact lens wearers, the combination of stunning makeup with your contacts is a look you just have to create every single day. For a lot of us, it becomes our identity and makes us feel amazing because we know that we look amazing! However, as gorgeous as lenses from SoloticaAnesthesiaand more can be, we have to remember they are also medical devices.

Rather than being too scared to ever wear eyeliner again, we thought we’d touch on a few important tips when it comes to combining makeup and colored contact lenses. As the saying goes, knowledge is power, and once you’re informed about proper makeup habits, you can keep on rocking your stunning look!

Makeup Plus Clear or Colored Contacts – How To Find A Healthy Mix

Which Comes First?

New contact lens wearers always wonder about the proper way they’re supposed to get ready in the morning, as the question of makeup or contacts first always comes into play. What do experts recommend? Put your contacts on before you apply any makeup. If that sounds counterintuitive, here are a few good reasons why:

  • If you wear non-prescription colored contacts it may not matter so much, but for those who need vision correction, inserting your lenses first will allow you to clearly see if your cat eye is on point or not.
  • Even if you are the most careful lens wearer on the planet, there’s still a chance that as you insert your colored contacts, you brush them up against your face or eyelashes. Any makeup there will automatically transfer to your lenses and thus ends up in your eyes.
  • It may be a change to your normal routine to put your contacts in first, but we urge you to do so for the health of your eyes!

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    What Not To Do

    Other than waiting until you’re ready to go before putting in your lenses, what other things should you avoid when it comes to combining makeup and contacts? A popular look is to put eyeliner on your waterline, the rim where your eye and eyelid meet each other. While this does help to make your eyes look bigger and more bold, it can actually lead to eye infections quite easily. Whether you wear contact lenses or not, it’s best to avoid putting any makeup in places that come into contact with your eyes.

    We all want amazing lashes, and thankfully the beauty industry makes a variety of mascara that helps to add volume and length. However, these products often contain microscopic fibers in order to achieve their promised looks, and these small particles can actually flake off into your eyes. Getting mascara underneath your contact lens is not only uncomfortable but can also lead to an infection, so it’s best to skip these brands.

    The Most Natural Looking Blue Colored Contact Lenses

    Blue eyes are one of rarer and more desirable eye colors across the globe. While blue is a very common eye color at birth, most people’s eyes will then change to another color with around only 10% keeping blue eyes throughout their adult life. If you’re one of the lucky few who has blue eyes then you may not be as inclined to try out colored contact lenses. If you have always dreamed of blue eyes then achieving them has never been easier with our range of blue contact lenses at We’ve listed our favorite blue lenses depending on what look you’re after.

    Let’s go through the list of our favorite blue contact lenses!

    The Best Blue Contact Lenses For Your Eyes

    Going Dark

    If you want blue eyes you don’t necessarily have to aim for a color that resembles the sky, as there are a wide range of blue tones to choose from. One of our favorites is Natural Colors Quartzo by Solotica, a lens that’s deep and mysterious. Blending blue with a touch of green to add greater interest, this selection has a slight limbal ring to enhance your natural beauty and provide a touch of excitement.

    Lenses with a hint of a pattern are quite fun to play around with too, and Grafite from Solotica’s Hidrocor line-up does a great job at giving you blue eyes that sparkle and shine. A blend of blue, green, and a hint of gray around the pupil work to provide a feeling of depth that’s unlike anything else out there!

    Light & Bright

    Men and women looking for blue colored contacts that will make others say “wow” will likely want a more bold option, and Anesthesia Addict gives you that exact look with their most popular Blue. A topaz shade that’s great for all complexions, it’s a great color to try if you’re new to wearing colored contact lenses. By far, this selection is one of the most natural options on the market.

    While it’s technically the same color name, Topazio finds itself in two different spots in our blue colored contact lens list. First is the version from Solotica Hidrocor, with a blue and green pattern that will both look natural yet pop with color at the same time. This version of Topazio is ideal if you’re hoping to find a color that transitions with ease from day to night.

    If you love the color and want a more dramatic look, look no further than Solotica Natural Colors. This Topazio features a stronger limbal ring with a similarly colored pattern across the lens. Considered to be one of the bolder options out there, these blue lenses can bring about an air of fun and lightness that will be sure to make a few heads turn!

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    Selecting the right blue colored contacts for you can be tricky, but at we have a huge selection to choose from! We’ve highlighted our favorite 5 but if you want to explore this color more then our 24/7 in-house customer support team will be more than happy to help you explore what else is out there to reach your desired shade. It’s never been easier to play around with colored contact lenses to transform your look so head over to today and browse our selection!

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    The palette boasts 12 shadows—10 shimmery shades and two matte—that range from an of-the-moment rose gold, classic taupe and of course punchy burgundy, as well as a dual-ended application brush. (It’s not much, but also everything when you’re doing your makeup in the back of an Uber.) Even better than the dozen shades I fully intend on using until I hit the pan is their quality: they are just pigmented as they are easy to blend out.

    According to the brand packaging, there are 13 looks living in each palette (three are outlined for you on the back, complete with the specific shades and locations for each), but I’m convinced there are so many more. If you’re after a one-swipe lid, look no further than the gold and champagne shades; for a night out, build the intensity with any of the elegant raspberry-meets-garnet hues.